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TEAM UP . . . the set-and-forget way for authors to cross-promote each other every day!

A​​​​​ut​​​​​hors Succeed When They Work Together

With more books being published today than ever before, getting the word out about your books is the toughest challenge facing authors.

Authors need to help each other, not compete. 

The competition is not each other, but other demands on readers’ time.

A recent trend in author collaboration has been multi-author giveaways, with authors promoting each other’s free giveaways to their email lists. And it’s worked. But there are other places where authors can collaborate.

At Author Platform Sidekick, we focus on Twitter.


Sidekick Team Up on Twitter

Upload Your Tweets

Submit up to 14 promotional tweets, including images and links to where your books are sold.

Choose Your Genre

Team up with authors in your genre. Their Twitter followings contain readers not yet following you.

Quality Control Checks

All tweets submitted are quality checked by the Sidekick team to ensure they are informative rather than 'salesy' and safe for others to tweet. Full details here.


Sidekick automatically posts each tweet you've uploaded once a week via another author's Twitter account. There is nothing more for you (or them) to do!

Live Examples

These four tweets are just a few examples, by genre, of specific updates. Each one was automatically tweeted by Author Platform Sidekick via various authors' Twitter accounts. The tweet content is not about themselves, but is about another author's book, selected from all other Team Up authors participating in the same genre. 

Romance Example

Thriller Example

Childrens Example

Non-Fiction Example

Click on any of the tweets above to view them natively within Twitter.

View many more examples here.

Overcoming the Social Media Dilemma

On one hand, there is the requirement to be social, interacting authentically and adding value to your followers.

On the other hand, there is the desire to use social media to market your books, attracting new readers.

Tweeting, "Buy my book" over and over is not the answer!

After all, it’s impossible to add value AND promote yourself at the same time. This dilemma is one that few authors overcome on their own.

The key to solving the problem turns out to be that you can’t overcome it on your own.

How Sidekick's Team Up Works



Tweet variations: Up to 2

Posting Frequency: Twice/week

Reciprocity: Once/day



Tweet variations: Up to 7

Posting Frequency: Once/day

Reciprocity: Once/day



Tweet variations: Up to 14

Posting Frequency: Twice/day

Reciprocity: Once/day

Tweet Variations

Provide Sidekick with up to two, seven or fourteen tweet variations (depending on your subscription). If you have published many books, provide multiple tweet variations to promote each of them. If you have published just one book, provide multiple tweet variations to promote it in different ways.

Posting Frequency

Other authors in your genre will post your tweets up to twice, seven or fourteen times a week (depending on your subscription). Sidekick chooses the author randomly at the time of posting and automatically posts it via their Twitter account. 


In return, your Twitter account post tweets on behalf of other authors. When selected, which occurs randomly, Sidekick will will post another Sidekick author's tweet via your account. There is no manual action for you to take. The author will be in the same genre as you. On average, you're account will be chosen for posting once a day.

What our customers are saying:

It works!

Automation is great for busy authors, and this service manages that in a smooth and efficient manner. I would certainly recommend it.

MARK DAWSON  //  Thriller Author

It gives you a "set and forget it" marketing machine

Ian knows how to market to Twitter. If authors believe their readership has a presence on Twitter, they should definitely give this service a try.

LACY WILLIAMS  //  Romance Author

Cross-Promotion is Smarter Than Self-Promotion

What if . . . you collaborated with other authors in your genre and they promoted your books instead? Because if another author posts about your book, they’re not self-promoting. They’re adding value to their followers by letting them know about books by other authors.

And, in return . . .

What if . . . you post about books from other authors in your genre? Then you are adding value to your followers as well.

No one is ‘selling’ in this model. Everyone is helping their followers by sharing information about books by other authors!

It's Easy to Team Up


Connect to Your Twitter Account. We take care of connecting Sidekick to your account. It remains connected while your subscription is active. 


You provide the tweet content. Your Author Platform Sidekick customer home page allows you to select your genre, enter your tweet variations and upload your images. You may log back in and update your tweets at any time.


Sidekick takes over from here. Sidekick automatically posts your updates via other authors' Twitter accounts in the same genre as you. In return, Sidekick automatically posts other authors' tweets via your Twitter account. No manual action is required by you. Just set it up once and let Sidekick take it from there!

IAN SUTHERLAND  //  Chief Sidekick

I am the founder of Author Platform Sidekick and the author of Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors, highly regarded as the best practice guide for authors to exploit Twitter in order to successfully market and sell more books.  

I'm also the bestselling author of the Brody Taylor Thriller Series, which I promote using my author platform. I have over 125,000 followers on my Twitter fiction author account, @iansuth and over 50,000 followers on my non-fiction account, @ianhsuth. 

This picture shows me live-tweeting from London's Foyles bookstore on behalf of the Alliance of Independent Authors at one of their Fringe events.

Ian Sutherland

Authors Team Up in These Genres













Team Up With Hundreds of Authors

Ian is Extremely Professional To Work With

Posting on Twitter was not only eating into my writing time but also into my personal time with family. Author Platform Sidekick was a blessing in disguise. I recommend it to all busy authors who want to build a platform on Twitter. You won't regret it!

PAMITA RAO  //  Sci FI & Fantasy Author

Find New Readers While You Sleep

I tend to spend more time on Facebook than Twitter, so I knew I wasn't using Twitter to my advantage. What I like about Author Platform Sidekick is that I don't have to do anything at all!

LEE STRASS  //  Multi-genre Author

Author Platform Sidekick is proud to be an Alliance of Independent Authors Approved Partner Member. All services listed are checked against ALLi’s code of standards and approved via the ALLi Watchdog team.

Team Up Subscription Plans


 Save 25% by subscribing annually!


Tweet variations: Up to 2

Posting Frequency: Twice/week

Reciprocity: Once/day


No credit card required


Tweet variations: Up to 7

Posting Frequency: Once/day

Reciprocity: Once/day


Credit Card or PayPal Accepted


Tweet variations: Up to 14

Posting Frequency: Twice/day

Reciprocity: Once/day


Credit Card or PayPal Accepted




100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not happy with any aspect of the Author Platform Sidekick service within the first 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Ian Sutherland

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