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Set-and-Forget Marketing Machine to Continually Boost Your Author Brand

What our customers are Saying

It works!

Automation is great for busy authors, and this service manages that in a smooth and efficient manner. I would certainly recommend it.

MARK DAWSON  //  Thriller Author

It gives you a "set and forget it" marketing machine

Ian knows how to market to Twitter. If authors believe their readership has a presence on Twitter, they should definitely give this service a try.

LACY WILLIAMS  //  Romance Author

IAN SUTHERLAND  //  Chief Sidekick

I am the founder of Author Platform Sidekick and the author of Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors, highly regarded as the best practice guide for authors to exploit Twitter in order to successfully market and sell more books.  

I'm also the bestselling author of the Brody Taylor Thriller Series, which I promote using my author platform. I have over 120,000 followers on my Twitter fiction author account, @iansuth and over 50,000 followers on my non-fiction account, @ianhsuth. 

This picture shows me live-tweeting from London's Foyles bookstore on behalf of the Alliance of Independent Authors at one of their Fringe events.

Ian Sutherland

It's Easy to Set Up Sidekick


Connect to Your Twitter Account. We take care of connecting Sidekick to your account. It remains connected while your subscription is active. 


You populate your customer dashboard. Your Author Platform Sidekick customer dashboard allows you to upload all the tweet content for Team Ups, Newdesk Sources, Evergreen Queues, Marketing and Promotion Queues (depending on your subscription plan). This can include text, hashtags, URLs and images. You also define publishing frequencies for each queue.


Sidekick takes it from here. Sidekick automatically posts your Team Up updates via other authors' Twitter accounts in the same genre as you. In return, Sidekick automatically posts other authors' Team Up tweets via your Twitter account. Sidekick also monitors your Newsdesk sources for new content and tweets out once when found. For your other queues, Sidekick automatically cycles through  them, posting at the rate you define, putting each tweet to the back of the queue.

Once everything is setup, no further action is required by you, yet your Twitter account regularly posts relevant non-promotional content and other authors regularly tweet about you and your books.

Is this service right for you?


  • Authors who have tried to attract a Twitter following and not had great success.
  • Authors already successful at growing their Twitter account but who want more time back in their day for writing.
  • Authors willing to collaborate with other authors in their genre, exploiting the network effect to spread the word more widely.
  • Unpublished authors yet to build an author platform ahead of their first book launch.
  • Authors who believe in the 80:20 rule for promotion. 80% posting added value content earns you the right to promote your books 20% of your time.


  • Authors who believe Twitter should only be for engaging with the few people you actually know or have built an online relationship with.
  • Authors uncomfortable with any form of self-promotion, even ethical promotion.
  • Authors who only want to use Twitter to shout 'Buy My Book' over and over and over!
  • Authors uncomfortable with automation tools making interactions on their behalf.
  • Authors who want to read their Twitter stream - hint, too many followers makes this impractical!
  • Authors who want to abdicate their responsibility to engage on social media. You will still have to respond personally to people who contact you!

Author Platform Sidekick is proud to be an Alliance of Independent Authors Approved Partner Member. All services listed are checked against ALLi’s code of standards and approved via the ALLi Watchdog team.




100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not happy with any aspect of the Author Platform Sidekick service within the first 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Ian Sutherland

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