How to Sell More Books Using Twitter

(10-Part Video Series)


How to Boss Twitter!

Learn how to effectively exploit Twitter to market your books and systematically drive thousands of potential purchasers to your works on Amazon and other retailers


10-Part Video Series

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Introduction to Ian Sutherland


The Principles of being 'SHARP'


Convert Followers into Book Buyers


The importance of a mailing list


Should I have more than one Twitter account?


Making the most of your Twitter Bio


Using links in your tweets


Best tweets to promote books


Using Twitter automation tools


How to be productive in under 15 minutes a day

The Best Way to Market Books Using Twitter!

Most authors appreciate that Twitter can offer reach that other social media platforms cannot provide, but most don't know how to go about attracting the 1000s of new followers necessary to break through the noise. But for those authors that take the time, you can learn the simple techniques to supercharge you Twitter account and use it to effectively spread the word about your books in a non-spammy way.

What You'll Discover in this 10-Part Video Series:

  • The Best Way to Engage
    How to engage effectively while always coming across as human.
  • The Secret to Fast Follower Growth 
    How to attract hundreds of new followers. Every day!
  • Selling without Spamming 
    How to avoid being perceived as a spammer while boldly promoting your books.
  • Make Time to Write
    How to focus your time on Twitter into 15 incredibly productive minutes a day!

What Others Are Saying:

Debbie Young Author & ALLi Editor

"He does all of this in a gentlemanly, courteous tone, rather than laying down the law."

Gary Hyman Social Media Strategist

"I applaud his work, especially the 10 daily steps, which is simple to follow & achievable in under 15 minutes."

Marisha Pink Author & Entrpeneur

"Mind blowing and actionable strategies. A must-read for authors everywhere."

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