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Ian Sutherland, the author of Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors, is the founder of Author Platform Sidekick. The book is highly regarded as the best practice guide for authors to grow a massive Twitter following in order to successfully market and sell books. The book has 4.9 stars on Amazon.com, all from well-regarded authors. Ian is also the bestselling author of the Brody Taylor Thriller Series, which he promotes using his author platform. Ian has over 100,000 followers on his fiction author account, @iansuth, and over 50,000 followers on his non-fiction account, @ianhsuth. His techniques work for fiction and non-fiction.

“I've learned the techniques the hard way and shared them in the book. Since then, I've developed a unique way to team up on twitter and I'm delighted to offer it as a service to those authors who appreciate helping each other!"

Ian H Sutherland