BookSomniac and Author Platform Sidekick
Author Platform Sidekick includes an optional plan called the Emailer Option. This plan helps authors grow their email list from new followers on Twitter. To keep everything distraction free for readers, Author Platform Sidekick has a sister website called BookSomniac. The BookSomniac website hosts the giveaway landing pages for authors offering a giveaway to new email subscribers. Here's how it works . . .
Author Platform Sidekick’s Journey From Idea to Launch
During a masterclass on Twitter I had been hosting, one author turned to me and said, “Ian, it would be so much simpler if you could just do all this author platform stuff on my behalf! Could you?” My answer at the time was an automatic, “No!”. But the seed had been sewn. And now, four months later Author Platform Sidekick is ready to launch as a subscription service. Read on to learn about the fascinating journey from idea to launch.
How to Boss Twitter – Self-Publishing Formula Podcast
The team over at Self Publishing Formula have released Episode 49 of their podcast, a 50-minute interview with me, Ian Sutherland, all about how to master Twitter for book marketing.