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Genres Currently Available for Author Team Ups

August 27, 2017

Here is a list of the currently supported genres:

  • Childrens
  • Erotica
  • Historical
  • Horror
  • Literary fiction/poetry
  • Non-fiction
  • Religion & Spirituality
  • Romance
  • SciFi and Fantasy
  • Thrillers, Mystery and Suspense
  • YA (Young Adult)
  • Western
  • Women's Fiction

What if my genre is not supported?

Please leave a comment below and we'll consider adding it to the list. As enough authors subscribe and we begin to achieve critical mass, we plan to add additional genres and sub-genres.

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Genre suggestions:
Alternative Health

    Ian Sutherland

    We’ve now added Religion & Spirituality as a specific genre!

If possible when participation increases, it would be good to separate Cozy Mystery from classic mystery/suspense/thriller.

    Ian Sutherland

    I agree. We have a few cozy mystery authors active already. When we get to critical mass (usually about 7 authors) then I plan to split it out! If you know any others, please send them our way and we’ll get there quicker!

Memoir should ultimately have its own category, but until it does, it fits better with readers of literary fiction than the less targeted, less specific “non-fiction”.

Readers of literary fiction, women’s fiction, and memoir are often the same people. I’d love to be able to do cross-promotions with authors with books in these areas, rather than be restricted to Non-fiction alone.

    Ian Sutherland

    I’m fine with you choosing literary fiction for your memoir books until we’re able to separate it out as its own genre.

Jack Messenger

Can you tell me roughly how many authors are in your literary fiction genre? That is my genre and I find it hard to promote, as it is so amorphous. My experience with social media has been disappointing, so I thought I might try your free option to begin with.

Thank you.

    Ian Sutherland

    Currently, there are 11 author twitter accounts active in the Literary fiction genre. It’s certainly not our most active genre, but the quality is high! If you know of other literary fiction authors, help yourself at the same time and send them our way 🙂

John Nation

Will you or do you support the military genre?

    Ian Sutherland

    We will in the future when we have enough military genre authors to reach critical mass. Right now, I think we only have two or three at most. If you know other authors in the genre, send them our way and we can get their quicker together!

Jonathan Burgess

No crime fiction? Biggest genre out there. Is it covered, please?

    Ian Sutherland

    It’s covered under Thrillers, Mystery and Suspense. It’s our most popular and active genre.

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