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You're an Author, but are you an Authority?

Perhaps you’ve written a non-fiction book on indoor gardening. But do you come across on social media as an authority on indoor gardening?

Or perhaps you’ve written a historical romance series set in the time of Caesar. But are you an authority on the romance genre or Roman history.

If you come across as an authority on the subjects you write about, people will follow you to learn more.

And when people follow you, they are more open to being exposed to what you write about. 

In fact, they are more pre-disposed to reading your books.


Sidekick Engager for Twitter

Fill Your Evergreen Queue

Load a tweet campaign based on your own evergreen non-marketing content. No limit to the number of tweets you can load. Content automatically recycles. Drip feed up to four evergreen tweets/day.

Be Your Own Live Newsdesk

Connect your Sidekick account to up to 30 websites of your choosing. Whenever any of those websites posts new content, Sidekick will automatically add it to your Newsdesk tweet queue. Drip feed tweets from your Newsdesk queue up to 24 times per day.

Pre-Loaded Author Focused Websites

Sidekick comes pre-loaded with over 70 author focused websites, categorised by genre. To build your Newsdesk, simply choose from these or provide your own custom choices. Or mix and match.

Define Frequency

You control the frequency for how often Sidekick tweets. Block out certain days/times of the day. You can even define a random pattern, and Sidekick will post the next update between ten minutes and four hours after the last tweet.

Brand Authorities Do Content Marketing

Content marketing is the act of creating and/or sharing content relative to your brand. 

If you write and publish blog posts on indoor gardening, romance fiction writing or Roman history, then you are building your brand authority.

If you share other people’s blog posts on indoor gardening, writing romance or Roman history, then you are still building your brand authority.

The trouble with writing and publishing new content is that it has a half life measured in days or weeks.

You’ll always get a spike in traffic to newly published content. But traffic naturally decays over time.

Unless you share it more often!

What our customers are saying:

It works!

Automation is great for busy authors, and this service manages that in a smooth and efficient manner. I would certainly recommend it.

MARK DAWSON  //  Thriller Author

It gives you a "set and forget it" marketing machine

Ian knows how to market to Twitter. If authors believe their readership has a presence on Twitter, they should definitely give this service a try.

LACY WILLIAMS  //  Romance Author

Automatically Drip Feed Non-Promotional Content

Remembering to post your own content multiple times is yet another chore. Posting fresh new content from other relevant webites is also a chore.

Unless you have Sidekick Engager!

Within Sidekick, you fill your Evergreen Queue with tweets linking to content on your website and define how often you’d like to drip-feed these tweets out. Sidekick takes care of posting your tweets at the rate you’ve specified. And each tweet that’s posted is recycled to the back of the queue.

Sidekick Engager also allows you to reinforce your brand authority through sharing other people’s content. This is where Sidekick Engager’s Newsdesk comes in.

You define the websites that publish content relevant to your brand authority. Sidekick automatically checks those websites for new blog posts, articles, etc. Whenever a new article is discovered, Sidekick creates a tweet with the title of the post and a URL linking back to the original content.

This tweet is then added to your Newsdesk Queue and dripped out at the rate you define.

Once set up, your Evergreen Queue and Newsdesk Queue all run on auto-pilot. 

It's Easy to Set Up Sidekick Engager


Connect to Your Twitter Account. We take care of connecting Sidekick to your account. It remains connected while your subscription is active. 


You populate your Evergreen Queue. Your Author Platform Sidekick customer dashboard allows you to upload all the tweet content linking back to posts on your author website. This can include text, hashtags, URLs and images. You also define the publishing frequency.


You define the sources for your Newsdesk Queue. You tell Sidekick about websites that publish content relevant to your brand authority (up to 30). Either provide your own custom choices or select from over 70 author related websites categorised by genre and subject. 


Sidekick takes it from here. Sidekick automatically cycles through your evergreen queue, posting at the rate you define, putting each tweet to the back of the queue. Sidekick monitors your Newsdesk sources for new content and tweets out once when found. No further action is required by you, yet your Twitter account regularly posts relevant non-promotional content.

IAN SUTHERLAND  //  Chief Sidekick

I am the founder of Author Platform Sidekick and the author of Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors, highly regarded as the best practice guide for authors to exploit Twitter in order to successfully market and sell more books.  

I'm also the bestselling author of the Brody Taylor Thriller Series, which I promote using my author platform. I have over 120,000 followers on my Twitter fiction author account, @iansuth and over 50,000 followers on my non-fiction account, @ianhsuth. 

This picture shows me live-tweeting from London's Foyles bookstore on behalf of the Alliance of Independent Authors at one of their Fringe events.

Ian Sutherland

Team Up With Hundreds of Authors

Ian is Extremely Professional To Work With

Posting on Twitter was not only eating into my writing time but also into my personal time with family. Author Platform Sidekick was a blessing in disguise. I recommend it to all busy authors who want to build a platform on Twitter. You won't regret it!

PAMITA RAO  //  Sci FI & Fantasy Author

Find New Readers While You Sleep

I tend to spend more time on Facebook than Twitter, so I knew I wasn't using Twitter to my advantage. What I like about Author Platform Sidekick is that I don't have to do anything at all!

LEE STRASS  //  Multi-genre Author

Author Platform Sidekick is proud to be an Alliance of Independent Authors Approved Partner Member. All services listed are checked against ALLi’s code of standards and approved via the ALLi Watchdog team.

Engager Subscription Plans


Annual plans include a 25% saving.

Engager with
Team Up PLUS


Credit Card or PayPal Accepted


Includes Team Up Plus

Evergreen tweets: Unlimited

Evergreen tweet rate: Up to 4/day

Newsdesk feeds: Up to 30

Newsdesk tweet rate: Up to 1/hr

Team Up Plus

Tweet variations: Up to 7

Posting Frequency: Once/day

Reciprocity: Once/day

Weekly promo tweet: Optional


Credit Card or PayPal Accepted

Engager with
Team Up PRO


Credit Card or PayPal Accepted


Includes Team Up Plus

Evergreen tweets: Unlimited

Evergreen tweet rate: Up to 4/day

Newsdesk feeds: Up to 30

Newsdesk tweet rate: Up to 1/hr

Team Up Pro

 Tweet variations: Up to 14

Posting Frequency: Twice/day

Reciprocity: Once/day

Weekly promo tweet: Optional


Credit Card or PayPal Accepted




100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not happy with any aspect of the Author Platform Sidekick service within the first 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Ian Sutherland

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