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Team Up for Authors – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

August 19, 2017

Are the Team Up authors in free and paid plans working together?

Yes. Regardless of whether you pay to take part or use the Free subscription, all authors in the same genre work together. Team Up Member (Paid) Authors get tweeted by everyone else once a day and tweet someone else on average once a day. However, Team Up Associate (Free) authors are tweeted by others twice a week, although they tweet someone else on average once a day.

Is it possible to have genre specific Team Ups?

Yes. The list of currently available genres can be viewed here.

Can I have different tweets in different genres?

Yes., each of your tweets can be in a different genre. However, your account will also be available to tweet other authors from each genre you take part in.

Do I have to take part in Team Ups if I'm subscribed to the core subscription plans (Builder, Engager, Promoter or Emailer)?

No, it is completely optional for subscribers to core subscription plans to take part in team ups.

How is Sidekick's Team Up service different from just Retweeting?

Retweeting involves you retweeting existing content to your followers. It’s presented as a RT and your followers know you didn’t compose the tweet. Team Up posts content on your account as a brand new tweet, which can have more impact. It’s more akin to what happens when you're browsing a website, reading an article and you notice a button on the article saying ‘Click to Tweet’. When pressed, the website composes the tweet for you and you are able to quickly tweet it.

Also, RTing requires you to scan your Twitter feed for content to RT to your followers, which is a manual activity. Team Up tweets go out each day on autopilot. There are some apps that allow automated RTing (e.g. I cover RoundTeam in my book, Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors) but most people are not comfortable because you cannot vet what gets RTed on autopilot. When tweets are submitted to Sidekick, they are vetted by our team to make sure they are within guidelines. They are also structured in a way that appears more informative rather than salesy.

What if use an app like Buffer or HootSuite to schedule tweets. Can I still take part?

Yes, Sidekick’s Team Up Service can run alongside all tweet scheduling tools.

I have 10,000’s of followers. Can I be paired only with authors of similar standing?

No. Sidekick’s Team Up service is open to everyone, regardless of how many followers they have.

I have less than 100 followers. Will I have the opportunity to be tweeted by authors with 10,000’s followers?

Yes. All authors are treated equally regardless of follower counts. The person who tweets you each day is randomly chosen at the time of tweeting.

I have multiple Twitter accounts. Can I sign up to the free Team Up Basic plan multiple times, using different accounts?

If the Twitter accounts point to different pen names, then this is acceptable. However, if the Twitter accounts promote the same author and/or books, then only one free account will be approved. If you want Team Up to issue more than two tweets per week, then a paid plan is required. You may specify different Twitter handles when you submit your Team Up tweets.

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Why does a tweet I loaded still say “Pending Review”?

Kelly Wade

Does your book have to be available on Amazon to take part?

David Callinan

Does the service include video tweets/

    Ian Sutherland

    Sorry, the service does not include video tweets. The only way you could achieve that is if you created a video Twitter Video Website Card and provided this as the URL. Anyone who clicks on the video would be taken to the URL you specify when you set up the card. I’ve not tested this, but it should work.

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