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Team Up Tweet Quality Control

December 21, 2017

For Team Up be acceptable to the authors taking part, they need to be comfortable that the tweets that Sidekick automatically posts via their Twitter account continue to be high quality.

Specifically, this means:

  1. The composition of the tweet is not worded in such a way to appear overtly salesy.
  2. The book being referenced is in the correct genre.
  3. The book being referenced is good quality, i.e. has good reviews and a good cover. 
  4. The URL destination is to a valid location where the book can be purchased or downloaded.
  5. The image is of a book cover or is a composite image containing the book cover.
  6. The tweet content does not refer to a time limited promotion.

Every Team Up tweet submitted to Author Platform Sidekick goes into a ‘Pending Review’ status. In fact, if any change is made to a live tweet, this also goes into a ‘Pending Review’ status.

One of the Sidekick team will then review the tweet and confirm it passes all of the above checks. If successful, then the tweet will be updated to ‘Approved’ and be added to the queue for the genre specified. 

If it fails any of the above checks, then it will be updated to ‘Not approved’ and an email will be sent to the submitting author informing them. The tweet will not be added to the Team Up queue for that genre. The notification email will not specify why the tweet was not approved. Please use this article as guidance on how to address a tweet not being approved.

Being Too Salesy

The form to provide tweet content is deliberately restrictive and requires a review which is attributed to someone. 

The Sidekick team will check that the fields are not being abused and that it comes across as an independent review. The Sidekick team will not verify that the review is valid.

Best practice is to provide excerpts from reviews on Amazon, NetGalley and other recognised sources. Do not include pricing information in the tweet. If the book is free, the form allows for this to be acknowledged and Sidekick will add #FREE or #Freebook hashtags to your tweet.

Correct Genre

Sidekick will check the book’s genre matches the genre specified by the author on the tweet. 

If the genre specified by the author when uploading the tweet content is not correct, then Sidekick will change it to the correct genre. 

We accept that some books cross multiple genres. The Sidekick team will make their own assessment and choose the most appropriate genre.


Sidekick will check the book on Amazon. 

If there are less than 5 reviews, then the tweet will not be approved. This means that books available for pre-order cannot be submitted to Team Up.

If the review score is low or there are many negative reviews, especially if they mention poor editing, then the tweet will not be approved. 

If the book cover does not appear to be professional or fit the genre, then the tweet will not be approved.

We appreciate quality can often be subjective. However, the authors taking part are trusting that a quality check has taken place. After all, the tweets being posted by Sidekick via their Twitter account will not have been seen by the author beforehand.


Acceptable destinations are:

  • The author's website - if the book cab be dowloaded from there.
  • A recognised online bookstore (Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, etc), 
  • Draft2Digital, BookFunnel or InstaFreebie. 

Specifically, the destination should be to a page specifically about the book being promoted, and not to a list of books.

If the destination is Amazon, Sidekick will replace the URL provided with a geo-link, ensuring that anyone who clicks on the link is automatically taken to their local Amazon bookstore. 

Wattpad is not an acceptable destination.


The ideal image is of the book's cover, either in 2D or 3D.

However, many authors provide composite graphics containing a textual quote or some other statement about the book alongside the book cover. As long as these images are not overtly salesy, they will be accepted.

If the image does not contain the book cover at all, it is likely to be rejected. 

Timebound Promotions

Team Up does not support time limited promotions, e.g. instafreebie giveaways, KDP Select discounts, or any promotion where the Team Up tweet content references an upcoming expiry date. 

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