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The following testimonials are from Author Platform Sidekick beta testers, who trialled the service for four months before its formal launch.

Pamita Rao Sci Fi & Fantasy Author

Ian knows his twitter and is extremely professional to work with.


I am a Fantasy and Science Fiction author and began my journey last year when I released the first book in my Fantasy-Scifi series.

Before this programme, I was grasping at straws to increase my Twitter followers. I used to tweet day and night and even then barely reached 3,000 followers over the span of a year. It was not only eating into my writing time but also into my personal time with family. Author Platform Sidekick was a blessing in disguise. By using the service, I reached a whopping 10,881 followers in just four months and also received 259 new email subscribers!

The best feature for me is the automatic book giveaways to those who follow.

I recommend Author Platform Sidekick to all busy authors who want to build a platform on Twitter. You won't regret it!

@pamitarao - Sidekick attracted 6,945 new Twitter followers and 259 new email subscribers in just 4 months on the Engager Plan with Emailer Option.

Mark Dawson Thriller Author

It works!


If you want to grow your Twitter followers on autopilot, this is the service for you. It's been effective in doubling my followers and adding over 100 new followers to my email list. I have been using Twitter for a while, but as a secondary platform to Facebook.

Automation is great for busy authors, and this service manages that in a smooth and efficient manner. I would certainly recommend it.

@pbackwriter - Sidekick attracted 6,075 new Twitter followers and 170 new email subscribers in just four months on the Builder Plan with Emailer Option.

Lee Strauss Multi-Genre Author

Find new followers and new readers while you sleep!


I'm the author of A Nursery Rhyme Suspense Series (Mystery Sci-fi Romantic Suspense), The Perception Series (young adult dystopian), and young adult historical fiction.

I tend to spend more time on Facebook than Twitter, so I knew I wasn't using Twitter to my advantage. I didn't do any email list building at all.

What I like about Author Platform Sidekick is that I don't have to do anything at all! APS gathers new followers and email sign-ups for me so I can use my time and energy writing.

I would recommend Author Platform Sidekick to authors who would like to build their email list via Twitter, but don't have the time or knowhow to do it.

@LeeStraussBooks - Sidekick attracted 6,748 new Twitter followers and 156 new email subscribers in just four months on the Builder Plan with Emailer Option.

Emma Warner-Reed Children's Author

Having a person you can actually speak to if you need something makes all the difference


I'm a children's author currently writing my first middle grade fantasy series. I released Book 2 in the series in November 2016.

I use Twitter to promote my books, and to connect with other authors (and hopefully some readers!). Previously, I managed to get my Twitter following up to 3,500 by myself with a fair amount of hard work - I was spending about half an hour on it a day.

Author Platform Sidekick has grown my Twitter following massively - by 7,000 followers at the time of writing - which is pretty impressive! But the automation has also saved me a huge amount of time and effort. And it's clever - the hashtag retweets and tweeting of new posts to my chosen RSS feeds is really great. I did all that manually before (and consequently tweeted a lot less).

The massive growth in my Twitter following speaks for itself, as does the ease of the automation service (no need to keep feeding the loop). But what I also think is important to mention is the personal service that Ian has provided, which I would say is outstanding.

I actually had a book launch a couple of months into my use of the service and he went out of his way to help - setting up additional promotional tweets tailored to the launch that ran for a specified period. He has always been both easy to approach and prompt in the provision of his service.

I have spoken to a few other authors about the service already and recommended it.

@EmmaWarnerReed - Sidekick attracted 6,105 new Twitter followers and 142 new email subscribers in just four months on the Promoter Plan with Emailer Option.

Leonardo Ramirez Sci Fi & YA Author

If there is ever a question about how something will work, I get a response right away.


I was having a very difficult time expanding my network. Aside from having to keep up with my writing, networking, marketing and publishing it came to be more than I could handle.

There were some aspects of the service that needed to be individualised for me and this was the platform to do it with. The growth I've seen on my account is astounding and it allows me to be relational even when I can't be at my computer.

One feature that I like the most is its ability to unfollow someone who doesn't follow back. I also love being able to give away freebies automatically.

With Author Platform Sidekick you have nothing to lose and SO MUCH to gain. You'll see your growth EXPLODE with followers every single day and you'll have the ability to reward those followers even when you have to be away.

@leonardoverse - Sidekick attracted 6,657 new Twitter followers and 136 new email subscribers in just four months on the Engager Plan with Emailer Option.

Scott Lorenz Book Publicist

It really connects me to those who care about what I write about.


I am a book publicist supporting authors in a wide range of genres.

Author Platform Sidekick is the best platform builder I am aware of. I had 11k followers at the beginning and nearly doubled it at the end of the beta test.

Do it!

@aBookPublicist - Sidekick attracted 6,900 new Twitter followers in just four months on the Promoter Plan.

Jan Graham Romance Author

It's like a silent assistant helping you get the most out of Twitter


I've been a published romance author for five years now. I currently have eight titles available for sale; some are self-published, while others are available through a popular eBook publisher.

Before I trialled Author Platform I had a love/hate relationship with Twitter. I recognised its usefulness but found it difficult to attract followers and make the social media platform work for me. Author Platform took the stress out of Twitter and after set up all I really had to do was sit back and watch my followers grow.

I'd recommend Author Platform Sidekick for anyone who wanted a hassle free way of growing their Twitter following. It's easy to set up and you start seeing results from day one.

@jan_graham - Sidekick attracted 5,538 new Twitter followers in just four months on the Builder Plan.

Lacy Williams Romance Author

It gives you a "set it and forget it" marketing machine that delivers results.


I did have experience with Facebook funnels to mailing list and had done well with that. But my Twitter marketing was stagnant. I didn't have any idea how to build a following of readers from Twitter.

I like being able to "set it and forget it". As a busy mom of four and a working author, I don't have a lot of time to spend on social media to market my books.

Ian knows how to market to Twitter. If authors believe their readership has a presence on Twitter, they should definitely give this service a try. Ian was professional to work with and knows his stuff.

@lacy_williams - Sidekick attracted 5,644 new Twitter followers in just four months on the Engager Plan.

Paul Teague SciFi and Thriller Author

I'm amazed at the number of followers that have been added!


Before Sidekick, my experience was slow and plodding. There was no way that I would have known how to grow my list through Twitter without paying for advertising, and when I did pay for advertising, it was expensive and didn't work for me. I've been on Twitter for since 2009 and this service added more users in four months that I have managed to achieve on my own in eight years!

I would recommend the Author Platform Sidekick service for rapidly and cost-effectively growing your email marketing list and for adding genre or subject-specific followers at rapid speed and on autopilot.

If you've been struggling to get any traction on Twitter, I have absolutely no doubts that the Author Platform Sidekick service can bring your struggling account back to life and breathe new energy into your social media marketing.

@secretbukerfan - Sidekick attracted 8,330 new Twitter followers and 352 new email subscribers in just four months on the Promoter Plan with Emailer Option.