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Twitter Team Up for Authors – FREE Subscription Available!

August 16, 2017

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as an author in the three years since publishing my debut novel, it’s that authors love to team up and help other authors. On my journey, I’ve had incredible amounts of support from other authors, often with nothing expected in return. It’s been one of the most amazing and unexpected facets of the author community and I LOVE IT!

A recent trend is for authors in the same genre to club together to form multi-author giveaways, usually powered by Instafreebie, with the objective of promoting each other’s free book giveaway to their own email lists, thus expanding everyone’s email lists.

Introducing Sidekick's 'Team Up' Service

With that spirit in mind, today I’m launching a brand new, unique service that enables authors in the same genre to team up on Twitter and automatically spread the word about each other and each other's books. It’s a new standalone, entry-level capability of Author Platform Sidekick, the subscription service I launched 6 months ago, which is already helping many authors supercharge their Twitter following, grow their email lists, improve their engagement and ethically promote themselves on Twitter.

The new feature is called Twitter Team Up for Authors and can be subscribed to independently from the existing Author Platform Sidekick plans. All Sidekick customers automatically have it included within their existing subscriptions and can optionally take part for no additional cost.

While Twitter Team Up for Authors has a low-priced paid plan available (lower than the proverbial cost of a Caffe Latte from a well known coffee chain!), a FREE subscription is also available!

Adding Your Tweets to Team Up

After you subscribe, you fill in two simple forms. The first allows us to connect Sidekick to your Twitter account. The second provides information about your books, which will be used to construct tweets in a format designed to be tweetable by others in your genre. The format is deliberately restrictive to ensure that tweets appear informative rather than overtly salesy, after all, these tweets are going to be auto-posted by other authors about you. The team behind Sidekick vets every submission to ensure each tweet is safe for others to tweet.

On any paid subscription, you may provide up to seven tweet variations. The free plan is limited to just two tweet variations.

Who Posts My Tweets?

Each day, one of your tweet variations will be auto-posted by someone else in your genre. The author who posts will be randomly selected at the time of tweeting from ALL participating authors who have submitted Team Up tweets for that genre. Because your Twitter handle is included within the tweet, it will automatically appear in the notifications area of your Twitter account.

Customers on paid plans will have their seven tweet variations posted each day of the week. Customers on free plans will have their two tweet variations posted twice a week in total. Everybody taking part will auto-tweet about someone else's book in the same genre, on average, once a day.

If you have any unanswered questions, then please read our Team Up FAQ.

Positive Network Effect

The more authors that take part, the better for everyone, hence the inclusion of the more limited free subscription plan. But for those that would like their tweets to go out every day, the paid plan is recommended.

So, if you would like to have other authors in your genre automatically spread the word about you on Twitter, sign up for Team Up, and do the same in return!

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